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Download Soundplant download Soundplant
Soundplant is offered as a free download which includes a trial of the registered features:

download Soundplant 39 for Windows Latest Windows release version 39 (May 2010)
for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP sp2 and higher
Soundplant39_Win_setup.exe [8.2 MB]
download Soundplant 41j beta for Windows Latest Windows beta version 41j (November 2013)
for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP sp2 and higher, Vista+ recommended
Soundplant41j_beta_Win_setup.exe [11.3 MB]
download Soundplant 39 for Macintosh Latest Mac OS X release version 39 (May 2010)
universal binary for Mac OS 10.4 and higher (for 10.9 Mavericks the latest beta below is recommended)
Soundplant39_Mac.dmg [22.1 MB]
download Soundplant 41i beta for Macintosh Latest Mac OS X beta version 41i (November 2013)
for Mac OS 10.6 and higher [13.2 MB]

Older generations of Soundplant for older computers are still available:

download older versions of Soundplant for Windows Soundplant 26.1 (2002) for Windows 9x/NT+ (last version that works on Win 95/98/NT/2k) [2.3 MB]
Soundplant beta 12 (1999) for Windows 9x/NT+ (the first release of Soundplant! here for nostalgia only, it's not particularly useful) [1.8 MB]
download older versions of Soundplant for Macintosh Soundplant beta 27 (2004) for Mac OS X 10.1.5+ and Classic 9.2+, PPC (last version that works on OS 9) [3.8 MB]
Soundplant beta 26 (2002) for Mac OS Classic 8.1+ (last version that works on OS 8) [3.1 MB]

Download Free Soundplant Keymaps
Here are some example .keymaps to play with:

car keys [0.1 MB] - Microtonal electric piano made out of the 'ding' my car makes when I open the door with the keys left in the ignition. By Marcel Blum.

beat pad [1.8 MB] - Drum pad of sounds extracted from various breakbeats, with a mix of well-worn classic hip-hop sample sources and dug-up finds. By Marcel Blum.

If you have created a keymap that is especially cool/fun/funny/useful that you'd like to share with the world, submit it to soundplant [at] If approved, it will be posted here and you will of course be credited & linked to.

Free Online Sound Archives
Here are some links to free sound archive sites to help get you started using Soundplant, with a varied assortment of sound sources, from standard sound effects libraries to field recordings from around the world to breakbeats to experimental sound art to early electronic instruments:

Software & Hardware Links
Here are some programs that are useful/fun in combination with Soundplant:
  • Audacity (free x-platform audio editor)
  • Audiomulch (great x-platform realtime effects processor)
  • Bome’s Midi Translator (x-platform, can convert MIDI input to keyboard key hits so you can use a MIDI device with Soundplant)
  • GlovePIE (free Windows only programmable input emulator, can convert input from many devices including MIDI, Wiimote, and joysticks to keyboard key hits so you can use these devices with Soundplant)
  • JoyToKey (Windows only program for converting input from joysticks and other game controllers into keyboard hits so you can use them with Soundplant)
  • FAAST (free Windows only software for Microsoft Kinect, can convert body motion input to keyboard key hits and works well with Soundplant)
  • Virtual Audio Cable (adds a virtual sound device to Windows which you can use to directly route output from one program into another, can be used to internally record or process Soundplant's output)
  • Jack OS X (free, adds a virtual sound device to Mac which you can use to directly route output from one program into another, can be used to internally record or process Soundplant's output)
  • Soundflower (another free Mac utility for routing audio output via a virtual sound device, can be used to internally record or process Soundplant's output)
  • Webcam Zone Trigger (motion detection software that can be set to send keystrokes when motion is detected in different zones of a video feed, can be used to allow real-world actions to trigger sounds with Soundplant)
  • Air Display (allows your tablet or phone to be used as a second monitor for any desktop/laptop with full interactivity, use Soundplant on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device!)
  • MAME (awesome arcade video game emulator, good practice for using the computer keyboard for high intensity input)
  • OSCulator (Mac only, can convert MIDI input as well as input from game controllers and other devices into keyboard key hits)

And some hardware with interesting possibilities for use with Soundplant:
  • Das Keyboard (awesome high-end keyboard which works great with Soundplant, both noticeably increasing triggering speed for high-intensity Soundplant applications like drum pad use as well as enabling "n-key rollover", which means that the keyboard's circuitry allows an unlimited amount of keys to be depressed simultaneously)
  • Fentek Industries Keyboard Control Foot Pedals
  • P.I. Engineering X-keys (custom programmable keypads)
  • The I-PAC (hardware for converting joystick input to key input)
  • Kinesis (interesting key input devices)
  • MaKey MaKey (easy to use invention kit circuit board that can make virtually any object send keyboard key input)

A Cross-Section of Soundplant Users

Awards & Press
Soundplant has received awards and recognition from Electronic Musician Magazine (download of the month), Sound On Sound Magazine, Xelenio (software of the week), Lockergnome (newsletter recommended download), Freeware Files (top pick), and File Transit (5/5 stars), among many others.

Soundplant 39+ includes a distribution of FFmpeg binaries. As per the GNU General Public License, here is a copy of the FFmpeg source code used to compile the versions of FFmpeg used by Soundplant (note that the latest sources will always be found at FFmpeg, not here!): [7.4 MB]

Soundplant 40+ uses the FluidSynth software synthesizer, by way of Antoine Schmitt's FluidXtra. Both projects are open source with full source repositories available at their respective links.

Soundplant is for digital samples, but there are other programs which turn the computer keyboard into a midi keyboard for use with midi software rather than as a direct digital sample triggerer. If this is what you are looking for, try either of these:

Soundplant was developed in Lingo with Adobe Director and uses C++ extensions (Xtras) by Valentin Schmidt, Gary Smith, Antoine Schmitt, and Marmalade.